Our on-site laboratory services ensure that you can receive prompt answers to your medical concerns. We conduct a variety of common lab tests, including Covid-19, strep tests, flu tests, RSV, Monospot, urinalysis, urine pregnancy tests, fingerstick glucose tests, and fecal occult blood, CBC, Lipid panel, HbA1C, PT-INR, Trichomonas, H-Pylori, Lyme Disease, HIV and Syphillis, TB testing (Step-1 Step-2 and QuantiFeron Gold Plus) tests.

Our medical professionals can administer intravenous fluids to replenish your body's essential fluids and electrolytes. Dehydration due to factors like vomiting or diarrhea can be effectively managed with IV fluid replacement. We have the capability to perform electrocardiograms (EKGs) to assess your heart's electrical activity. This diagnostic tool aids our medical team in pinpointing the causes of chest pain and investigating cardiac symptoms such as shortness of breath, dizziness, or heart palpitations. We can perform X-rays to determine sprains and broken bones that will help provide appropriate treatments. At our urgent care we also provide Vision, respiratory and hearing tests using various instruments.